Rongzhou·Gangjiucheng project located at “Jiulong Lake District”- the first station of Jiulong Lake in Nanchang, the total area of the project covered is about 150-mu, which consists of east and west plots, including 45.68-mu in the west and 104.01-mu in the east. The total gross floor area of the project is about 380000 square meters and saleable area is 300000 square meters. The total planned units of the project is 2556, including 868 units in western district, 1688 units in eastern district. Floor area ratio is 3.0, green land ratio is over than 30%, building density is 24.7%. There are 2721 parking space, ratio of residential units to parking spaces is about 1:1.1, far exceeds the planned standard requirements. The project is only 8 minutes drive from new administrative centre, 5 minutes drive from Nanchange West Station and China South City, public transport hub of Wangcheng New Area, closes to metro line 2 and line 4, truly experienced the convenient of “Double Railways”. With the gradual improvement of the municipal, transportation and living facilities in Jiulong Lake District, the project will usher in a great historical opportunity for rapid development, its regional value and potential will continuously rise in future with wide development prospect.