Time : Dec 13 , 2019
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Tesson New Energy Lishui power battery system assembly project covers an area of over 400-mu, with a planned investment of more than RMB 5 billion. It is expected to achieve annual sales of RMB 1.2 billion and profit tax of RMB 14.3 billion. It will be the headquarters base for operation, production and research & development, and will be built into an industrial chain benchmarking base with an annual output of 8GWh of power battery and system assemblies and a total of 400,000 sets of BMS. The construction of Tesson New Energy’s power battery system assembly project is a milestone for Tesson New Energy to leap from battery to system assembly, and also another "masterpiece" of Tesson New Energy in the field of new energy vehicles and clean energy. The project has established a complete R & D and manufacturing system in the field of power and energy storage batteries, and realizes the overall layout of the industrial chain of material, batteries and battery system.



As early as December 2017, Tesson New Energy opened a new PACK plant in Lishui District as a pilot line for this project, and made technical reserves, technical demonstration, test verification and talent team preparation for Tesson New Energy Power Battery System Assembly for preliminary preparations. The goal is to produce automotive-grade quality power battery assembly systems, and to build a world-class intelligent lithium battery production enterprise. This move also further confirmed the attitude of Tesson New Energy's pragmatic development of new energy industry.


Tesson New Energy will take the two main lines of "synchronous development of the country and the market", take the market as the core; take the global vision and strategic thinking as the guide; take the innovative actuation and open evolution as the driving force. Based on standardized management and risk control, continuous optimization, improvement of industrial layout, independent innovation, improvement of quality and efficiency, injection of new kinetic energy into the continuous development of Lishui project, practical promotion of investment and construction of Lishui project, and help to achieve the green circular economy in Nanjing and Lishui Development Zone.